Dear friends!

Dear friends!

In January 2013 in the urban village of Petrove (Kirovohrad region), on the left bank of the Inhulets River, the restoration of an ancient mansion was finished, it was given the name of "Country Club Estate".

Authors and creators of the present project have taken care of organic combination of ancient architecture in the eclectic style, lacy brickwork, interior decoration and landscape design of the territory.

A comfortable hotel and a restaurant, a summer bungalow and a wine cellar, a mini-zoo and an eye-pleasing garden hold the charm of real luxury in the very heart of the steppe Ukraine. All this can satisfy the most sophisticated tastes.

The elegant restaurant hall with a unique interior can house up to 40 guests simultaneously, and the mini-hotel with its five comfortable suite rooms and an attentive staff will ensure an unforgettable rest.

When summer season comes, the guests will be able to spend their time in the restaurant-bungalow, decorated in the traditional country style, where they will enjoy delicious and healthy food cooked on a barbecue or in a tandoor, degust the best home-produced wines from our own cellar, admire the fascinating sunset in the open air. In addition, all this is accompanied with the cool of an open swimming pool, where it is especially pleasant to refresh oneself in summer heat. Each guest will have a chance to visit a unique place, which is situated in 15 kilometers from our hotel complex, where the hallows of St. Nicholas Iskrivskyi – "the most alive and humane beatified saint" - are kept in the Church of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross of Iskrivka village. Not far from the church there is a miraculous spring of St. Nicholas, where, according to the monk’s own words, "Those who drink water from the spring, who perform the rite of washing, will be released from the burden of diseases and grief, various mental illnesses. The words of the Holy Scriptures will come true: "the lame walk, the blind see..."

In summer time, exciting bicycle rides, picnics, fishing and a night bonfire are awaiting you.


  • Kirovograd region. village. Petrine
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